Today we will see how to troubleshoot the issues in Nintex Workflow. Nintex Workflows – Issues Troubleshooting in this article we will troubleshoot various issue. So let’s Move ahead.

Nintex Workflows - Issues Troubleshooting
Nintex Workflows – Issues Troubleshooting

Issue – Querying a list using datetime (i.e. Created less than 24 hours ago)

Reason –  By default Nintex will not look at the time when querying on a date field.

Solution – After setting your datetime variable, add a 2nd string datetime variable to store the ‘iso’ version. In the set datetime method, set “Store ISO 8601 date string” to the new string variable. The final step is to go into you “Query List” method, using CAML editor, add “IncludeTimeValue=’True’ to the Value parameter node.

Resource –

Issue: If the List Nintex form has Repeating Control, then in the Workflow Task Form the Item Property displays XML for the Repeating Control Field

1. To decode and bind the controls with the Repeating control XML Data, the List Form controls within the Repeating control should have unique name.

2. In the Workflow Task form, binding the repeating control is not automatically rendering the XML as controls, the controls needs to be added in the design.

3. In the Workflow Task form, The control names within Repeating control should be same as defined in the List form.

4. In the Workflow Task form, And By default the Repeating control renders in edit mode. To make it as read only.

a. Prevent add/delete in new/edit mode should be set to Yes
b. A Rule should be added to the Repeating control and set the formatting to Disable. Rule condition should not be empty (if empty it treats as false).

Issue: When a List is Created using List Template, the Template’s Nintex workflow attached to the list but will not able to view in the Manage Nintex Workflow

1. To over come this issue, need to delete the Ghost workflow attached to the list;

a. In the List Setting Open the Workflow Settings menu.
b. Choose Workflow Settings.
c. Click ‘Remove, Block, or Restore a Workflow’ link and remove the workflows those are attached to your new list.

2. Export the workflow from the original list and Import it in the new List.

Issue: 500 error encountered when using the SOAP builder in a web service call via Nintex workflow

To over come this issue, the SOAP request should be manually modified.

Issue: 500 error encountered when adding user collection to a group in a web service call via Nintex workflow

  1. Solution #1 – verify that the users are valid. An invalid user will cause the web service call to fail.
  2. Solution #2 – The group name has reserved and/or dangerous characters (i.e. &<>”), so encode the group name using the custom Nintex UDA called, String Encoder.

To prevent the workflow from failing due to invalid user, capture the error.

Issue: Document Set – Changing Name Field doesn’t trigger update workflow. This is a known issue with no fix, so here is the work-around

To over come this issue, you will need to update one of the columns, I use the Title Column while editing the document set properties. To make it intuitive for the user, you need to remove the title field from the Document Set Content Type and add it to the document libraries columns, as described below:

a. In the Document Library Setting, edit the Document Set Content Type and remove the “Title” Column. 

b. Back in Document Library Settings, add the “Title” Column from existing column types.

c. Now the tricky part, edit an existing document set properties. You will be editing the EditForm.aspx Page.

d. Edit the page (EditForm.aspx) & add a Script Editor Web Part to the page.

e. Add the following JavaScript to the the Script Editor Web Part;

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
$('input[title = "Name Required Field"]').parent().parent().parent().hide();

f. Save and exit the page editor. The Name Label and input box should be hidden

g. Edit the Nintex update item workflow & add an action to update the Name Column with the Title Column data.

h. Done

Issue: Email notification not using the e-mail address in the From Field

  1. The likely cause is that you’re attempting to use an e-mail address that doesn’t have a valid AD account.
  2. There is a setting in Central Administration under Nintex Workflow > Global Settings called, “Allow sending on behalf of another user:” that must be set as well.

Issue: Nintex workflows do not work for sites migrated using Content Matrix


  • Workflow inventory will not display the correct version
  • Workflows will not show up to be started unless published more than once
  • Workflow start screens display random start variables
  • Workflows all error with “failed on start”


The issue occures when  “Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited” is enabled in the workflows library. To fix it perform the following steps.

  1. Open the site in SharePoint Designer
  2. Click on All Files
  3. Right click the Workflows library
  4.  Click Administration Web Page
  5. Click Versioning Settings
  6. Set “Requrie documents to be checked out…” to “No”

Note: Migrated workflows will likely need to be republished. If you experience errors on publishing change the name of the workflow.

Nintex Form – Add Print Function

Issue: soap:Server was unable to process request. —> Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

The likely cause is that Nintex database(s) indices are heavily fragmented. To fix it perform the following steps.

  1. Open the SQL instance
  2. Navigate to the offending Nintex database
  3. [find the fragmented indices] Execute the following SQL query; 
  4. SELECT OBJECT_NAME(i.object_id) AS TableName , AS TableIndexName ,phystat.avg_fragmentation_in_percent FROM sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats(DB_ID(), NULL, NULL, NULL, ‘DETAILED’) phystat inner JOIN sys.indexes i ON i.object_id = phystat.object_id AND i.index_id = phystat.index_id WHERE phystat.avg_fragmentation_in_percent > 10
  5. Copy the results, including headers, into an Excel spreadsheet for tracking
  6. Starting from the 1st listed table, exand the table, right-click Indexes > Rebuild All
  7. Repeat step #5 for all affected tables

Check date field is empty in Nintex Workflow

Nintex Workflows – Issues Troubleshooting

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