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Today we are going to see how to Check date field is empty in Nintex workflow. As we all know it is very difficult to verify that date field is null.


There is a requirement, to get all the values from list named Employee Master, and check if Joining date is null or not.

This is a very basic problem statement we have. So most of SharePoint developers knows Nintex workflow did not given a simple way to verify date is null or empty. And it is really pain in ass.

Solution to Check date field is empty in Nintex Workflow

So, to resolve this problem we came up with the very interesting solution. You need to follow same steps to resolve your problem as well.

I have a below setup, which has Site Workflow

  1. I am querying “Employee Master” list to get all items
  2. Created a “Collection” variable named “EmployeeJoiningDateColl” and “EmployeeIDColl”
  3. Storing all values into Collection.
Check date field is empty in Nintex Workflow

NIntex Workflow: verify date is null or empty

Now we have got all the list item values into our collection variable. Thus, let us iterate through each of them.

  • To iterate through it, we need to use for each loop and iterate ID collection
  • Perform collection operation to collect “Employee Joining date”
  • Create a Number variable named “index” with default value 0
  • Create a “Single line of text” variable named “EmployeeJoiningDateString

Now we are going to get the value from Date and Time type collection to a String variable.

Check date field is empty in Nintex Workflow

Now you just need to use the Run If condition to check whether the variable EmployeeJoiningDateString is not empty.

Nintex Workflow: check date field is null

If , true then Convert Date from string to Date and time Field.

There are multiple ways to convert string field to date and time which I will post in a next post due to lack of time.

By this way we can determine or Check date field is empty in Nintex Workflow. Stay tuned. Thanks you.

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