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Today, in this article we will see How to Filter list view by current month in SharePoint.


In our SharePoint there is a Task list, and user should be able to see their Tasks which are due in current month in Their Dashboard.


By the above Problem statement we can understand what is the exact business requirement is. So no lets see the solution Part.

Create a Calculated Coumn.

Create a calculated column as shown below with following formula.

=IF(MONTH([Today])=MONTH([Due Date]),”Yes”,”No”)

SharePoint: Filter List View by Current Month

Note: Please take a look at bellow link to know how to use [Today] function in calculated column.

use [Today] in calculated column.

Once you complete these steps, Now you will see the “Yes” and “No” values in Current month column (which is calculated column). Just go ahead and apply a filter on Current Month calculated column and select “Yes” to get current months tasks.

By this way we can Filter List View by Current Month.

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