In this article we are going to see “How to convert Site Page into News Post SharePoint Online “


Promote Site Page to News post in SharePoint Online.

How to Convert Site Page into News Post in SharePoint Online?

In Modern SharePoint sites, there are two type of pages available. one is Site Pages and other are News Post Pages.

So we can convert any SharePoint site page into News Post, so that it can appear in News Web parts.

To Promote SharePoint site page to News Post we need to perform the following steps.

  • Navigate to site page (which you want to promote) >> and click on the “Promote”button from the toolbar.
  • Then Click on “Post as News in this site” button from the tool pane.
How to convert a Site Page into News Post in SharePoint Online

By this way it is very easy to convert a normal site page into news post, isn’t it? Once the site page is Promoted or converted , then we need to publish/republish the page to re-index. So that you can find those pages under places like News Hub.

SharePoint Online: Demote News Post as a Site Page

In above section we learn How to promote a site page to News Post. Now, What about reverse? Demote a News Post back to Site Page to remove it from News Pages.

To do this, There is no User Interface in provided in any version of SharePoint. To obtain our desired results, we need to take help from my favorite “PnP PowerShell” . we need to set “PromotedState” to “0” of a particular page.

Below is the block of code to Convert News Post as Site page.

$SiteUrl = https://<your tenant><your site name>

#Connect to SharePoint site
Connect-PnPOnline $SiteUrl -UseWebLogin

#Get All sitepages along with their ID's
Get-PnpListItem -List "SitePages"

#Demote News Post with Id 3 to Site Page
Set-PnpListItem -List "SitePages" -Identity 3 -Values @{"PromotedState"="0"}

Bye the Way, I hope you guys might aware that the Promoted News Post page always have a value “2” for a “PromotedState” Field.

By this way you can convert Site Page into News Post SharePoint Online.

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