Understand the extensibility building blocks in SharePoint Online and how you can use these building blocks to suit your use cases.

Search in SharePoint enable users to find relevant  information more quickly and easily than ever before makes it easy for Search administrators to customize the search experience.

It also provides several API sets for more advanced customization and solutions.

Search Architecture in SharePoint Online

Search in SharePoint includes a wide variety of improvements and new features.With this version, Search in SharePoint is re-architected to a single  enterprise search platform.

The search architecture consists of the following areas:

  • Crawl and Content processing
  • Index
  • Query Processing
  • Search administration
  • Analytics

These areas consist of components and databases that work cohesively to perform the search operation.

The below figure provides an overall view of the different areas of search architecture, and the components and databases within that work cohesively to perform the search operation.

Search component interaction

SharePoint Search Architecture
Crawl and content processing

The crawl and content processing architecture consist of the following:

Crawl Component

Crawl content sources to collect crawled properties and metadata from crawled items and sends this information to the content processing component.

Crawl Database

It contains information about crawled items, such as the last crawl time, the last crawl ID, and the type of update during the last crawl.

Content processing component

Crawl content sources to collect crawled properties and metadata from crawled items and sends this information to the index component.


The index component receives the processed items from the content processing component and writes them to the search index.

This component also handles incoming queries, retries information from the search index, and sends back the result set to the query processing component.

Query processing

The query processing component analyzes and processes search queries and results. The processed query is then submitted to the index component, which returns a set of search results for the query.

Search administration

Search administration is composed of the search administration component and its corresponding database.

Search administration database

Stores search configuration data.


The analytics architecture consists of the analytics processing component, analytics reporting database, and link database.

Analytics processing component

Perform search analytics and usage analytics.

Link database

Stores information extracted by the content processing component and search click information.

Analytics reporting database

Stores the results of usage analytics.

Event Store

Stores usage events that are captured on the front-end.

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